3D Printing

In this section, you’ll find links to downloadable files, links to the printing supplies and tools we use but don’t sell here on the site, and anything else we think might help people in the 3D Printing community. The Gun Guy is an avid printer and looks forward to helping advance the community. A special note: The Gun Guy does not write 3D Printer files (yet). Any files downloaded from this site (or linked from this site) were created by someone else and is subject to their terms of use. 3D Printing firearms parts can be dangerous and by doing so from this site you are assuming full and total responsibility for your own actions (DUH… but these days you have to say it).

In the Sections below first, you’ll find My printers and any upgrades I’ve made along with filaments I’ve found that I know work well.

The second section of this blog will be dedicated to the 3D printing files I have tried or intend to try, along with links to the places I got the parts to complete these builds. While some of these links will be to the products we sell, others will not. If the link takes you to another site, unless otherwise stated, any transactions with that site will not include The Gun Guy or m3gear.com in any way. While some of these links may be affiliate links we are not responsible nor have any control over the business practices of other companies. We would never link a site here we haven’t or wouldn’t do business with ourselves. Rest assured that no one linked on this page has ever cheated anyone THAT WE KNOW OF, and if we find that a company is corrupt or not honest they will be removed. So please when following links pay attention to who’s site you are on. We try to ensure all links to outside sites open in a new tab or window, but mistakes will happen and be corrected as we find them.

Section 1: My Printers, the Upgrades I’ve Made & The Filaments I’ve Tested and Know Work Well
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Section 2: 3D Printer Files and Projects
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