M3 Gear

A small retail store in northwest Pennsylvania, with a big reach.

M3 Gear was decades in the making. M3 Gear was founded by Pennsylvania native Michael “Mac” McQuown. In northwest PA hunting, therefore shooting, is almost a religion. At 12 years old Mac ventured off into the woods with his Grandfather with an H&R single shot 20ga loaded with pumpkin balls. While the whitetails were quite safe from him that year, the following summer he worked mowing grass at a local tree nursery and purchased a Winchester model 94 chambered in .32 Winchester Special. The following deer season Mac shot not only his first deer but his first buck, a six point.

Fishing is also a religion in northwest PA. The first day of trout is almost as important as the first day of deer season. With both native and stocked trout streams at every turn, trout fishing is a family event in many households. Mac’s earliest memories are with his dad, brother, and grandpa on the banks of a small trout stream. Trying to remain calm waiting for the clock to strike 8AM, the official starting time on opening day.

Growing up being in the woods was almost as important as breathing. Hunting, shooting, and fishing are as normal as walking, sleeping and talking. This everyday exposure to the outdoors coupled with the Boy Scouts of America gave Mac a deep love and respect for the wild.

Once of age Mac entered the United States Army where he spent over a decade. Shooting was an important part of Mac’s military career, not only as a job skill but also on the competitive circuit. After the military Mac landed in Oklahoma and went into law enforcement. At that same time because an NRA and Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) certified firearms instructor.