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Contest Rules

Advertising is an expensive part of running any business. With the anti-gun media and social media worlds, this has become increasingly more difficult. While the bias is real, it is also subjective to a dollar value. Meaning if you give these platforms enough money, they will overlook their “principles” and allow you to advertise. So, with that in mind, we have chosen a different route. We are going to, in effect, pay our customers to advertise for us in the form of a sweepstakes.

The requirements for entering the sweepstakes are simple. There are two ways to enter and win. There is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY to win, as we have created a simple and easy way for you to enter without requiring a purchase of any kind.

Two Ways To Enter

There are two, very easy, ways to win. Both with and without purchase. Steps #1 & #2 are the same for both. Steps #3 & #4 have an “A” for entry WITH ANY PURCHASE or “B” for entry WITHOUT ANY PURCHASE.

But we feel like the requirements are simple. Here is a quick breakdown, however the rules are explained in detail below.

#1 Like & Follow us on one or more social media platforms that we have posted on the home page. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube

#2 Share our current sweepstakes on one or more social media platform(s) AT LEASE ONE DAY BEFORE THE DAY OF THE DRAWING!

#3 (Note options for with or without purchase, as they are different) Provide us with links to what you shared for us to verify you as a winner. 

#4 (Note options for with or without purchase, as they are different) Your post meets the required number of likes and shares for your entry type.

Detailed Entry Requirments

There are just two simple ways to enter the sweepstakes each time we run a new one. All the requirements are with or without a purchase except for requirements #3 and #4 are the same. 

#1 Follow THIS LINK to the current sweepstake post on our official FaceBook page ( While there, please like and follow us. WE MUST BE ABLE TO CONFIRM YOU HAVE LIKED AND FOLLOWED THE FACEBOOK PAGE AS THE FIRST CONDITION OF ENTRY. This is easy for us to confirm once a winner is selected. The same ad will be posted on our official Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channel. Being liked and shared from any of these platforms to another is perfectly fine and eligible as long as it’s verifiable if you are selected.

#2 Share the current sweepstakes to at least once, and we would hope all, of your social media outlets. This can be the ones listed above or another one that we are not currently frequenting. The only requirement is that it be sharable (retweetable, repinable, rewhateverable) in some way from that platform.

#3 This is where there is a difference there is #3-A for entries with each purchase and #3-B for entries with no purchase necessary.

#3-A Entry with purchase. With ANY PURCHASE, in any dollar amount from this online store or our brick-and-mortar location (located at 5685 Hwy 219, Brockway PA 15824) you will be given one entry into the current sweepstake AS LONG AS ALL ENTRY CONDITIONS ARE MET AT THE TIME YOU ARE DRAWN AND VERIFICATION BEGINS. This means you must have shared the current sweepstakes BEFORE THE DAY OF THE DRAWING. At the time of your purchase, please include a link to your social media account where you have shared us. If there is no link to your social media in your order notes, WE WILL ATEMPT TO CALL YOU ONCE, FROM 814-603-3235, AT THE PHONE NUMBER PROVIDED IN YOUR ORDER. As the winner will be drawn live on our YouTube channel, we will stay live until a winner is found UNLESS we can verify all requirements are met without contact. We will make a reasonable effort to verify this without the links, but if that is not possible in a timely manner, due to the live nature of the drawing, we will move on and pick another winner. No prize shall be awarded to you if we can not verify sweepstakes requirements or contact you while we are doing our live broadcast.

#3-B NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Provide the links required along with your legal name, address, age, contact phone number. and email them to There will be no effort in contact on the phone if links provided in email are broken or have been removed. Contact information will ONLY BE USED TO CONTACT SHOULD YOU WIN THIS SWEEPSTAKE. Your information WILL NOT BE ADDED TO ANY LIST, SOLD OR RELEASED IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. Once the sweepstakes is complete, all remaining contact information will be purged from our system and not retained in anyway. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

#4 Like and Share requirements.

#4-A (With any purchase) You must publicly have shared the current sweepstakes on one or more social media apps verifiable at least one day before the drawing. The post(s) must be public and available for any and all of your contacts to see, “like” and share through your page (wall, feed, or similar location). With purchase there is NO REQUREMENTS for likes (reactions) or shares (retweets, repin, or similar action)

#4-B (No Purchase Necessary) ) You must publicly have shared the current sweepstakes on one or more social media apps verifiable at least one day before the drawing. The post(s) must be public and available for any and all of your contacts to see, “like” and share through your page (wall, feed, or similar location). Without purchase there is a requirement for 500 (five hundred) likes (reactions) and 100 (one hundred) shares (retweets, repin, or similar action). These numbers are cumulative should you choose to share on multiple platforms. In addition, reposts on your wall more than 24 hours apart also count for meeting “like & share” requirement. (IE you post the ad on Monday on facebook, it gets 10 likes and 5 shares. You post the ad on Tuesday on facebook, it gets 10 like and 5 shares. Your cumulative total is now 20 likes and 10 shares for this sweepstakes).

More rules, regulations, and legal stuff to keep us out of prison.

  1. Eligibility – Aside from meeting the above rules for eligibility, there are other rules and conditions for eligibility. They are, but are not limited to, the below legal requirements. The Gun Guy PA (AKA Daily2a,, and/or The Gun Guy hereby known as “The Gun Guy”) will always follow any and all legal requirements not only from our state of Pennsylvania but also any other state where a winner may originate. As we could not possibly be aware of all laws from other states, once a winner is selected we will research the sweepstakes rules in the state in which the winner resides and we will follow said laws to the letter. No exceptions.
  2. The winner must be of legal age and background requirements, in the state in which they reside, to receive the prize(s) being awarded. Any and all firearms WILL BE SHIPPED TO A FEDERALLY LICENSED FIREARMS DEALER OF THEIR CHOICE. Where at that time The Gun Guy will release all duty and responsibility of the safe and legal transfer of any firearm to that licensed dealer. It shall, at that point, be the responsibility of that dealer to follow any and all federal, state, and local laws they are governed by. THE WINNER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL SHIPPING FEES TO THEIR DEALER, AS WELL AS THE SALES TAX OF THE FULL VALUE OF THE PRIZE(S) AWARDED, TO BE PAID IN FULL BEFORE SAID PRIZE(S) SHALL BE SHIPPED. IN ADDITION, THE WINNER OF SAID PRIZE(S) SHALL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY FEES OR COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH THEIR CHOSEN LOCAL FIREARMS DEALER.
  3. Any firearm(s) will ONLY be released to the name chosen in the drawing. No surrogate, stand-in, awardee, transfer of prize OF ANY KIND WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR FIREARMS. The First and last name and suffix (Jr, Sr, 3rd) along with the middle name, that will be obtained during the prize-awarding process, will be the only person allowed to take legal transfer of the said firearm(s). Transfer to another in the winner’s place would constitute a “straw purchase” under federal law and will not be tolerated or allowed.
  4. In addition, the winner must comply with and meet all federal, state, and local laws associated with owning a firearm and is responsible for making sure that the awarded firearm(s) meet and exceed all federal, state, and local laws. The Gun Guy may consider reasonable accommodations or substitutions of the prize(s) in an effort to help winners meet these laws. However, The Gun Guy only commits to the prize shown in the sweepstake ad.
  5. The winner must comply with all federal, state, and local laws in accordance with the use, storage, and care of any awarded firearm(s). And once said prize(s) are awarded and legally transferred to the winner via a federally (and state if required) licensed dealer, The Gun Guy, all its officers, employees or representatives, as well as the company itself are released from any form of liability or claim. Any warranty of prize(s) or liability of manufacture lies solely with the original manufacture and the winner.
  6. The Gun Guy reserves the right to change and amend these rules, without notice, at any time to make further effort to ensure that any and all federal, state, and local laws are being followed and obeyed.
  7. The Gun Guy reserves the right to cease and refuse transfer of any and all prize(s) if The Gun Guy, any of its officers, employees, or representatives believes, is led to believe, has a reasonable suspension of, or just has a bad feeling that the winner is in some way, shape or form a danger to themselves or to others. This decision is final and not appealable.
  8. While The Gun Guy reserves the right to substitute any and all prize(s) for reasons beyond their control. A reasonable effort will be made to ensure that the prize(s) in any sweepstake ad will be the actual prize(s) awarded. THERE IS NO CHOICE, SUBSTITUTION, OR CASH VALUE installed in any sweepstakes set forth by The Gun Guy. The awarded prize(s) will be as advertised, all or nothing.

2. Sponsorship – Unless otherwise noted in a specific ad, the sponsorship of the awarded sweepstake prize(s) is solely under the sponsorship of Daily2a (DBA The Gun Guy and/or 5685 Hwy 219, Brockway PA 15824. Federal Firearms License Number 8-25-09252.

3. Acceptance of Rules – By entering into any sweepstake, contest or prize pull set forth by The Gun Guy you are agreeing to the rules on this page, in their entirety and without exception. There also by entry you are agreeing, without exception, that any and all conflict or argument about the sweepstake is, in the end, the sole decision of The Gun Guy, and that decision is final and not open to appeal. The Gun Guy also reserves the right to refuse, withdraw or disqualify entries at our sole discretion, without notice or show of cause.

4. US Residents Only Please – Any sweepstake advertised or held is only available to residents of the United States of America. We will not ship the prize(s) outside of the 50 (fifty) states. Only US citizens or people otherwise legal to obtain and possess a firearm inside of those states are eligible. So substitution or accommodations, of any kind, will be made outside of those requirements.

5. Time Period – The time period of each sweepstake will vary based on a number of factors. While time periods will be expressed with each individual sweepstake, they will never exceed the period of 365 days from the first date of entry.

6. Prizes – Winners will receive the prize(s) represented in the corresponding sweepstake ad. IF THE RETAIL VALUE OF THE PRIZE IS EXCEEDS $600.00 US YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER OF THE PURPOSE AND ISSUANCE OF A 1099 FOR TAX PURPOSES. (Don’t blame us because we want to give away nice stuff.) In accepting the prize(s), the winner does so grant The Gun Guy (AKA Daily2a) any of its officers, employees, and representatives absolute permission to use the winner’s name, voice, and likeness for the purpose of advertising, promotion, and trade without further compensation or remuneration, for a non-expiring time period, unless otherwise prohibited by law.

7. Odds of Winning – The odds of winning will be determined by the final number of valid entries for each sweepstakes, the total number of entries shall never be less than a value of  1¢ per entry in retrospect to the retail value of the prize(s) being awarded in said sweepstakes

8. Selection and Notification of Winner(s) – Entries will be assigned a unique number based on the order of entry into our tacking. No preference will be given to website orders over no purchase necessary entries, nor shall those different entries be disguisable in that tracking as to the type. At such time a random number picker, wheel, or another method shall be chosen for the live or recorded choice of a potential winner(s). At such time The Gun Guy shall try to verify that any and all requirements are met by the selected potential winner(s), if this can not be verified The Gun Guy shall attempt to call and/or text the potential winner(s) to obtain verification of the requirements. Should the potential winner(s) not answer and/or respond in a time undetermined and decided by The Gun Guy in the face of conducting a live or recorded broadcast. The Gun Guy reserves the right to select another potential winner(s) and hence disqualify the first selected winner(s) with no further notification or compensation intended or implied.

9. Rights Granted by the Non-Winning or Winning Entrant – the participant grants to The Gun Guy, the Sponsor, upon submission of an entry into the contest or sweepstake the right to use the participant’s submission, voice, likeness, image, statements about the contest, etc., for publicity, news, advertising, promotional purposes, trade, and so forth, without any further notice, review, consent, compensation or remuneration. In such, all entrants do grant by notice of entry the right to The Gun Guy to use their public social media content to the end of making a basic determination of the content of character for the purpose of possibly disqualifying any entrant from being awarded a firearm. There must be no notification of disqualification to the entrant from The Gun Guy to the entrant. The Entrant is not entitled to an explanation for this decision. The decision by The Gun Guy is final and not up for appeal. The assurance that a decision to disqualify SHALL NEVER be made based on age (so long as of legal age) race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, physical disabilities. This determination is that expected of any Federal Firearms License holder to make a basic decision to the content of character the individual attempting to obtain a firearm. If a said person displays a lack of character or good judgment this, and this alone, may be a reason for disqualification. Now with the legal wording out of the way, let me be clear. I do not discriminate against anyone for any reason. I could care less who you sleep with, what color your skin is, what God you choose to worship if any, or almost anything else. But if you post videos or whatever expressing a lack of moral turpitude, taking pleasure in the mistreatment or abuse of women, children or animals, show a lack of a moral compass. I can not and will not be responsible for helping you obtain a firearm. And that decision will not be open for discussion.

10. Sweepstake/Contest Special Terms and Conditions. – The Sponsor, Daily2A (DBA The Gun Guy and/or reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel, terminate any sweepstake, contest or event for any reason without notice of any kind. These reasons may include but are not limited to, fraud, virus, human or non-human intervention of outcome, or any other cause that is beyond our control that may affect the randomness, proper conduct, and fairness in determining a winner(s).

11. Limitation of Liability – Any participant’s entry into any contest, sweepstakes or giveaway constitutes his or her agreement to release and hold harmless The Gun Guy, Daily2a,, and its officers, subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, etc., against all claims liability, illness, injury, death, loss, etc., that occurs directly or indirectly from participation in the contest and/or use/misuse of the awarded prize(s).

12. Disputes – Any entrant agrees, as a condition of participating in the promotion, that disputes not resolved between the participant and The Gun Guy shall be individually resolved exclusively before a court located in The State of Pennsylvania, without resorting to any form of class action. Any entrants waive all rights to punitive, incidental, or consequential damages, and they waive all rights to have damages multiplied or increased.

13. Privacy and other Terms and Conditions – Any issues not covered here within are subject to ‘s current Privacy Policy and current Terms and Conditions. The links to these can be found at the bottom of every page of the website.

14. Winners List – The Winners lists will always be found at the very end of this page, in the produced live or recorded video on our YouTube page, as well as in the history of our Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter accounts.

14. Winner Requirements for Release of Prize(s) – The winner(s) must provide full name, date of birth, current address, current phone number, social security number (only in the event the retail value is over $600.00 US), email address and a signed copy of these above “Contest Rules” which will be sent via email or regular post, however, a hand-signed original must be returned to The Gun Guy before any prizes shall be released. Once all of that is obtained, we will need a copy of the Federal Firearms License where the prize(s) shall be shipped in the event of a firearm(s). In non-firearm(s) Items will be shipped to the provided address. The Winner is responsible for actual shipping costs, sales tax of retail value, and any fees charged at receiving Federal Firearms License holder. The fees for shipping and sales tax must be paid in full before any prize(s) are released to the winner.

This is the end of the contest rules. Nothing follows pertaining to the rules. Only the standing list of winners.